An Informed Birth - The Realities of Birth with Women's Health Physio


“I wish I had known”. After hearing that phrase from thousands of women, Titled Women's Health Physio Lyz Evans is sharing the realities of birthing in Australia today so that you can feel informed and empowered for your birth.

We are big believers in helping you to be informed of all the options surrounding your birth. So that you can create an empowered birth, no matter how it unfolds.

In Australia today:

  • Only 15-17% of women will have an intact perineum after birth.
  • 25-30% of women will need help of an instrument to birth their baby.
  • 25-30% of women will have an induction.
  • 15-25% will have an episiotomy.
  • 5-8% will have shoulder dystocia.
  • 50-55% will have an epidural.


This video is a part of the Empowered Motherhood Birth Preparation Series in our Pregnancy Program.

Our Birth Preparation Series contains over 30 expert-led videos including Women's Health Physio-led birth preparation and expert interviews. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Vaginal Birth Preparation;
  • C-Section Birth Preparation;
  • Perineal Massage Tutorial;
  • Birthing Positions and Pushing Cues;
  • Expert Interviews with Obstetricians, Midwives, Doulas, Psychologists and more.

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We understand that this video may be confronting to watch. We believe it is more confronting to be presented with this information in the midst of labour. At a time when you are less equipped to process it. In this video Lyz shares:

  • Statistics regarding birth in Australia.
  • The Five P's of Birth
  • The use of forceps and how they can affect your pelvic floor.
  • How you can use the classes in the EMP to prepare for your birth.
  • What to do if your birth doesn't go according to plan.

We hope you enjoy this video and it forms an integral part of your birth preparation. 

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