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Physio-Led Workouts and Expert Education for Every Stage of your Pregnancy

Watch our video below and see how the EMP will help you to feel strong, supported and informed for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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What you'll get inside the EMP Pregnancy Program

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Week by Week Programs

  • Support for every stage of your pregnancy with our week by week programs.
  • Access to our complete video library of over 200 prenatal workouts.
  • A six week Birth Preparation Program to help you feel prepared for your birth.
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A Huge Range of Workout Styles

  • Choose from pilates, barre, strength, yoga and guided meditations.
  • Physio-led programs for Pubic Pain, Back Pain, Pelvic Floor and Core and more.
  • Short 20 minute workouts plus longer 45 minute classes to chose from. 
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The Expert Content you Need

  • Expert interviews with obstetricians, psychologists, lactation consultants, naturopaths, doulas, midwives and dieticians for a truly informed pregnancy.
  • Monthly Live Q+A with our Womens' Health Physio Lyz Evans and live classes with Kimmy Smith.

"I loved the ease of the workouts and being able to do them at home. The timings of the workouts meant I could do them before work or dinner and not feel too rushed. I loved the expertise and the confidence provided in being able to work out safely and understand the changes happening in my body."


Whether this is your first or fifth pregnancy, we want to help you to feel strong, confident and informed.

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Are you a First Time Mum?

Do it right the first time. Workouts to support you from first trimester to birth. Expert interviews for advice you can trust (no late night forums for you!).

Best in Pregnancy Exercise, Pregnancy Exercise, Prenatal Exercise

Busy Second Time Mum

Short, effective workouts and expert education to help you feel strong, informed and empowered, even whilst juggling the demands of a bossy toddler.

Best in Pregnancy Exercise, Pregnancy Exercise, Prenatal Exercise

Tired + Sore Body

Pregnancy can be really hard. We have specialised programs for pelvic girdle pain, pubis symphysis and everything you need to keep your body feeling strong and healthy.

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Still Want to Be Challenged

Pregnancy does not make you weak. Which is why we have advanced strength, pilates and barre workouts to keep you motivated and feeling strong.

Your own Women's Health Physio

One of the best things about the EMP is having your own Women's Health Physio guide you through your pregnancy.

You'll have access to Lyz's educational videos, physio style pilates and strength workouts as well as Member only access to our live Q+A's with Lyz each month.

It's the support we believe every woman deserves during her pregnancy.

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"The EMP has been so helpful in  making me more confident in moving and protecting my body. The info on stomach separation and pelvic floor made so many changes to my daily movements. I have a job where I sit all day and my back has actually felt better than it did pre-pregnancy with the workouts and information."


Try our Sample Prenatal Barre Burn with Kimmy


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