C-Section Wound Massage


1. Understanding your C-Section Wound

A C-Section incision cuts through 7 layers of skin and tissue. Starting immediately from birth, your body will go through 4 main stages of healing. One of these stages involves the laying down of new collagen fibres and the contraction of the scar tissue. These new collagen fibres are laid down in a very haphazard and disorganised way. The goal of wound massage is to mobilise the scar so that the scar doesn’t heal tight and thick and stick to the organs around it.

2. Why you should massage your wound

If you don't massage your wound, scar tissue may build up and you may experience: 

Lower Back Pain
  • Poor Posture 
  • Irritation of your Bladder (and feeling like you constantly need to go)
  • Lack of core strength and healing 
  • Pelvic Pain 
  • Pain with Intercourse 

3. Benefits of Scar Massage

When you massage your c-section scar, you help the new collagen fibres to align and lay in a more uniform way. Massage can also help increase blood flow, reduce scar thickness and tension. Plus it can reduce scar appearance and improve posture and core activation.

4. When to start massage

We recommend starting your wound massage at around 5-7 weeks postpartum. The wound must be closed and have healed well. Your stitches should be removed and no further dressing placed on your scar. The first few times you massage your wound, you may only feel comfortable touching it very gentle and releasing the tissue above and below your scar.

6. Superficial Layer Massage

When your scar has healed well, you can start a very gentle massage. The first stage of wound massage is the superficial layer (the skin layer). Start by gently rubbing along the wound and feel for any restrictions. If you feel a tight spot, stay on that spot and work on releasing those tight collagen bands that have healed in a haphazard way.

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