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The Best in Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise and Education

The EMP is the most in-depth, comprehensive pregnancy and postnatal program ever created.

And we are excited to share it with you.

Our entire program is led by a Women's Health Physio, so you don’t have to feel scared that you are doing the wrong thing.

You'll receive education from trusted experts, so that you feel informed and empowered to make the best decisions for your body and your baby.

We provide a safe place where you will  feel supported, seen and valued.

Your EMP Journey

From first trimester to advanced postnatal exercise, we are here to support you every step of the way.

No matter how complicated your pregnancy or postnatal journey, we will help you to move safely and return to the type of exercise you love.

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Is the EMP right for me?

The First Time Mum

You want to protect your body. You've heard other women's stories and you want to feel informed so that you can make the best decisions for your body.

You want to prepare your body for birth and postnatal recovery so you can get back to the type of exercise you love sooner.

You are coming into pregnancy feeling fit. You want a program that will help you to keep feeling strong, whilst supporting your changing body.

You want the hard work done for you, with week by week programs and expert guidance every step of the way.

You're feeling overwhelmed by all the pregnancy forums and Facebook groups. You want information you can trust that is relevant and realistic.

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The Experienced Mum

You want to do it ‘right’ this time, with expert-led exercise and quality advice.

You are feeling so much more pregnant this time around. You need a program that supports your body and gives you the programs you need (for things like back, pubic and pelvic pain).

You still have complications from your first birth. You need a program that shows you how to exercise safely with prolapse, incontinence and stomach separation (and to heal those things!).

You need it short and effective. A range of short workouts that you can do from home during nap time (and still get amazing results).

The Rural Mum

You’re closest Women’s Health Physio is an hour away.

You want access to the best in pregnancy and postnatal health - all from the comfort of your own home.

You were front of our mind when creating this program and we wanted to make sure that you are getting the quality advice and workouts that you deserve.


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"The EMP has truly helped me feel supported both emotionally & physically. It truly does cover everything surrounding pregnancy & postpartum - it's so much more than just exercise! Before I discovered the EMP I was afraid to exercise, as I didn’t know what I should or should not be doing.

In a few short months I feel strong & confident in my body. Kimmy & Lyz are both so lovely & connect with which really sets this program apart from other online programs out there. I think all woman having a baby should join."


Meet the EMP Founders

Lyz Evans

EMP Founder + Titled Women's Health Physiotherapist

Lyz is one of Australia's leading women's health physiotherapists with a Masters in Womens' Health and Continence from Curtin University and a proud Mum of two.

Lyz has treated thousands of pregnant and postnatal women in her 16 years as a Physiotherapist and is passionate about preventive healthcare. She is the founder of one of Women in Focus Physiotherapy in Sydney, and has spent 10 years also working at the Royal Hospital for Women.

Lyz has spoken at many medical conferences, and completed her own clinical research into the recovery of severe perineal tears, which has been published in an International recognised Medical journal.

You can find out more about Lyz and access her published research at

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Kimmy Smith

EMP Founder + Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Specialist

Kimmy is a pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialist, yoga teacher and a proud Mum to three little girls.

Kimmy was a former professional athlete and corporate lawyer. She played at the elite level for over 10 years, representing the NSW Swifts and was a member of the Australia Diamonds Squad.

Drawing from her experience as a professional athlete, Kimmy is passionate about supporting women to feel strong during their pregnancy and  to return to exercise in a safe and positive way after birth. 

Highly qualified and respected, Kimmy has been featured in Women's Health Mag, Body and Soul, the SMH and more. She is the founder of the Fit Mummy Project and the postnatal fitness and well-being hub


The EMP Difference

In addition to our general program, we understand that sometimes motherhood doesn't run smoothly.  We support women normally ignored by other online programs.

  • If you are suffering from prolapse, incontinence, pelvic girdle pain or pelvic dysfunction, you now have full week by week program created just for you.


  • If you had a C-section birth, you now have a complete birth recovey program that will support you to heal your body and return to exercise safely.

  • If you are suffering from pregnancy or postnatal anxiety, you will now have access to expert advice from psychologists, obstetrician and women’s health experts as well as the tools that you need to move your body mindfully and safely.



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"I can honestly say that I’m already feeling a lot more confident exercising and more connected with my pelvic floor and core. And gosh this is giving me a whole heap of hope! What I’ve learnt from your program so far has really helped me be able to adapt exercise and participate confidently."


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