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Recover from Birth and Create a Strong, Healthy Body with Physio-Led Exercise + Education

Watch our video below and see how the EMP will help you to heal from birth and create a strong and empowered postnatal body.

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What you'll get inside the EMP Postnatal Program

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From Toe Taps to Functional Fitness

  • Complete Birth Recovery Program for every birth.
  • Week By Week Programs from Week 1 to 52.
  • Over 300 workouts including pilates, barre, yoga, strength, cardio and advanced fitness for Mums of toddlers.
  • Return to high impact exercise safely.
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Physio Programs for Postpartum

Specialised Physio  Programs for:

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Incontinence.
  • Caesaren Section Recovery.
  • Stomach Separation
  • Pelvic Floor and Core Recovery.
  • Mum and Baby Physio Led classes. 
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Leading Postnatal Expert Education

  • Over 40 interviews with our team of postnatal experts including psychologists, lactation consultants, dieticians, obstetricians and more.
  • Topics you need including postnatal anxiety and depression, safe postnatal weight loss, healing from a traumatic birth, feeding your baby and so much more. 

"Absolutely excellent! After multiple births, my own training as a fitness expert and time with my own women's physio, I found this video to be spot on! Thank you. I feel supported. I feel educated. I feel empowered and hopeful about my recovery. Thank you, ladies. Your advocacy for pre and postnatal moms is wonderful. It's a topic so close to my heart and I am incredibly thankful for all this work you have done."


We understand that sometimes motherhood doesn't run smoothly.  We support women ignored by other online programs.

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A C-Section Birth

We understand that a C-Section Birth needs a very different recovery to a Vaginal Birth. We have a complete Week by Week C-Section Recovery Program to help you to heal your wound, connect to your core and return to exercise safely.

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Separation / Weak Pelvic Floor

Heal your separation, reduce your incontinence and feel stronger than ever Pelvic Floor and Core Programs. From gentle birth recovery to advanced postnatal workouts, you feel strong, connected and confident.

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Prolapse Program

Have you been diagnosed with prolapse and not sure how to move safely? Does exercise make your symptoms worse? Enjoy exercising safely and feel stronger and more confident every week with our complete week by week Prolapse Program.

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Return to High Impact

You've done toe taps. Your pelvic floor is feeling strong. We show you how to progress your fitness and return to high impact exercise safely. Our Level 4 and 5 workouts include advanced postnatal strength, cardio and return to HIIT workouts that you'll love.

The EMP has changed my life. I live on a farm in Western Victoria with 3 Kids under 4. I want to say THANK YOU with my whole heart for creating something so beneficial with realistic postpartum expectations. My body is healing and still feeding a little one, but I know your workouts make me stronger. They are achievable in this season of life and accessible to me remotely on a farm. I tell everyone about it."


Heal your Body Safely

We want to help you to create a strong body from the inside-out. We will help you to create a strong core and pelvic floor, including healing separation and helping you to live a healthy active life with prolapse.

You'll have access to Lyz's educational videos, physio style pilates and strength workouts as well as Member only access to our live Q+A's with Lyz each month.

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"Love the EMP so much to help me to get back into exercise after 3 babies in 3.5 years. I was previously very, but have neglected exercise since having kids. I'm slowly getting back into running and exercise again and this program has been so perfect to help me to return to exercise again safely."


Try our Sample Early Postnatal Glute Workout with Kimmy

Designed for 6 weeks postnatal.


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