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Postnatal Exercise

Week-by-Week Program 


Return to exercise safely after birth and feel stronger than ever. 

From early postpartum rehab to advanced fitness, the Empowered Motherhood Program includes physio-led exercise for every stage of your postnatal journey.

postnatal exercise program online

We are here to support you. 

We know just how challenging the first year of motherhood can be. At a time when everyone is focused on your baby - we are here to support you. 

We want to help you return to exercise confidently whilst healing your pelvic floor and abdominal wall. Whether you want to move safely with prolapse or return to running (or both!), we have the programs to support you. 

The Empowered Motherhood Program will help you heal from birth with motivating and supportive physio-led workouts. 

Think of us as your own team of women's health experts, available whenever you need from the comfort of your home.

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What's Included

From early postnatal rehab to advanced fitness 

postnatal exercise program online

Pilates, Strength and Yoga

The EMP postnatal program includes expert-led pilates, strength and yoga classes for each stage of your postnatal recovery. Our progressive week-by-week programs build in intensity as you grow stronger. Progress through five levels of postnatal recovery and feel stronger than ever. 

postnatal exercise program online

Pelvic Floor and Core Program

Your pelvic floor and core are the foundation of your postnatal recovery. We are passionate about helping you heal them safely and confidently after birth. Our Core Connect Progam will help you reduce abdominal separation and improve continence so you can run and jump leak-free. 

postnatal exercise program online

C-Section Program

After a C-section birth, six layers of tissue require healing simultaneously.  Our week-by-week C-section program will support your postnatal recovery from birth with physio led workouts. It includes specialised pilates, strength, and yoga for C-section mums, wound massage and support, and return to running and impact workouts. 

postnatal exercise program online

Return to Running

Return to running safely after birth with the EMP Return to Running Program. This complete program includes a return-to-running checklist (to determine if you are ready to hit the pavement), a progressive return-to-running program, and strength, pilates, and stretch classes. 

postnatal exercise program online

Prolapse Program

Prolapse affects every area of your well-being. The EMP prolapse program will help you build strength and exercise safely with POP. A week-by-week program designed to be done over 12 months, with pelvic floor-safe pilates, core, pelvic floor, strength, and yoga workouts. 

postnatal exercise program online

Mum and Baby

We are mums, so we get it! We know how hard it is to try to fit exercise into sleep windows. Created by a physio, our mums and baby classes will help you to exercise safely with your baby - whilst also developing their gross motor skills and strength. 

From our members 

postnatal exercise program online


The EMP is an amazing program that I can’t recommend highly enough. I trialled several other postnatal programs but they do not compare to EMP - the wealth of information, the varied and specialised workouts, and the feeling that when you put on a video with Kimmy and Lyz and feel like you are having a conversation or working out with a friend, make it a great program.

postnatal exercise program online


I am loving the EMP! Where was this for my first bub? I started the EMP when I was two weeks postpartum with my third baby and I'm now up to Level 5 and doing things I would have never thought possible like running and burpees! The EMP is what I needed. It has taught me how to protect my pelvic floor, return to impact safely, and move my body confidently. I tell all my friends about the EMP because I have seen the evidence in my own life of how much it has helped me. 

Your EMP Postnatal Journey

From those early days after birth to advanced fitness and returning to running. We will support you every step of the way with expert-led exercise, education and real-time support.

No matter how complicated your postnatal journey, we will help you to move safely so that you can feel confident, strong and ready for motherhood .

postnatal exercise program online
pregnancy exercise program online

Prolapse Safe Program


If you are living with pelvic organ prolapse, we want you to know you are not alone. Despite so many mothers living with some form of pelvic organ prolapse, it is still considered a taboo topic.

While the first stages of prolapse recovery can feel overwhelming and frustrating, there is hope.

As a physio-led program, we are passionate about helping you reduce your prolapse symptoms, build full body strength and return to the type of exercise you love.  

Our week-by-week prolapse safe program is included in all our memberships and can be started anytime.

Whether your baby is six weeks or six years old - it is never too late to feel the way you deserve to feel: happy, strong, and confident. 

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