A safe place to heal and be supported

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A safe place to heal and be supported  


We are incredibly sorry for your loss. We believe that you need to be supported, loved and cared for during this time.

The Empowered Motherhood Program and The Pink Elephant Support Network have created a free series to support anyone who is experiencing pregnancy loss.

We hope that you will find it a nurturing and safe place to heal your body as you recover from this loss.

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What's Included

Four specialised videos to help you to heal and feel supported.

✔️ Emotional Recovery  Pink Elephants CEO Sam Payne shares ways you can begin your emotional healing journey and where to seek further support.

✔️ Healing Yoga Class  Start your physical healing journey with this nurturing class that combines gentle yoga and pilates based movements.

✔️ Physio-Led Pilates Progress your physical recovery with this gentle pilates class. 

✔️ Pregnancy After Loss  Prepare for future pregnancies and learn how to exercise safely throughout each stage of your pregnancy with Women's Health Physio Lyz Evans. 

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