C-Section Recovery Essentials


Birth by Caesarean section is a physically and emotionally taxing process that involves major abdominal surgery. As a mother, you may also have experienced feelings of guilt or regret that your birth might not have gone exactly to plan.

Through the Empowered Motherhood Program C-Section Program, we will work with you to help heal your C-Section wound and create a strong and functional core.

But more importantly, we will support you as you find a place of acceptance and appreciation for your body and the entry point your baby made into the world.

We believe that as a C-Section mother, you are truly unique. It is also the only time in your life where you will undergo major surgery and will also be given a new baby to take care of.

Most people don't realise that after a C-Section Birth, there are actually 6 layers of tissue that require healing simultaneously.  There is a huge load on you at this time as a mother, and one we want to help lighten a little.

Often after a Caesarean birth, you will get a lot of advice from your surgeon on how to care for the wound and support your stomach. This advice can often get lost as you shift your attention to your newborn baby and all that encompasses. It often isn’t till months or even years later, that you may begin to notice the effect your C-Section wound is having on your overall mobility and strength.

Whilst you might not feel like you have time for your own recovery at this stage, there are some simple, yet incredibly effective steps you can take. We will show you how you can heal your wound, strengthen your core and recover from your C-Section birth in a way that is empowering and nurturing.

In this video, Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Founder of the Empowered Motherhood Program Lyz Evans shows you the EMP essentials for C-Section Recovery.

We hope you enjoy this short insight into our C-Section Recovery Program!


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