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Heal your body safely after your C-Section birth

Create your strongest body yet and return to the type of exercise you love with the award-winning Empowered Motherhood Program.

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The First Six Weeks

Heal safely after your caesarean birth and create your strongest body yet with our complete week by week program for C-Section Recovery.

  • Complete week by week program from birth
  • Physio-led C-Section recovery workouts
  • Pelvic floor and core rehab
  • Wound Massage and Healing
  • Workouts for back and pelvic pain
  • Expert Education and Support

Advanced Postnatal

Create your stongest body yet with our advanced postnatal workouts and programs Our Postnatal Program includes:

  • Week by Week programs for the entire first year of motherhood
  • Advanced core + Pilates workouts
  • Return to impact and running series
  • Physio-led strength, cardio and more



Expert Education

Learn from some of Australia's leading maternal health experts. Our EMP Experts include:

  • Women's Health Physiotherapist
  • Obstetrician and Midwife
  • Doula and Lactation Consultant
  • Psychologist
  • Dietician, Naturopath and Nutritionist

Hey, we are Kimmy and Lyz

We are two mums and women's health experts who believe that you deserve access to the best in expert-led exercise and education.

Lyz is a Titled Womens' Health Physio and Kimmy is a pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialist. We have six babies between us and we know the unique challenges that pregnancy and postpartum can bring. We are here to support you to create a strong pregnancy, informed birth and empowered motherhood.


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Six Months


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  • Re-occurring membership.
  • Access to all week by week programs
  • Live Clinic Hours Support

Twelve Months


Payable as $349 once off

  • Free Equipment Pack
  • Access to all week by week programs
  • Live Clinic Hours Support