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Strong Pregnancy. Informed Birth. Empowered Motherhood


We believe that you deserve the best in perinatal health. From first trimester to first birthday and beyond, the EMP has a range of workouts, specialised programs and education just for you and your exact stage of motherhood. It's a complete online program that will give you access to the best in perinatal exercise and education from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Safe and functional workouts for every stage of your pregnancy.
  • Physio-led programs for real-life pregnancy complaints. 
  • Advanced Strength and Pilates programs for a strong and healthy pregnancy.
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  • A complete series dedicated to preparing your body, mind and pelvic floor for birth.
  • Led by Womens' Health Physio, Obstetricians, Doulas and Midwives for a prepared and informed birth.
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  • Heal your core and pelvic floor with our expert programs.
  • C-Section Recovery,  Incontinence and Prolapse Programs.
  • Advanced strength, pilates and core workouts for 12 months and beyond.
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General Workouts + Specialised Programs

The EMP is for real women. In addition to our general program, we understand that sometimes motherhood doesn't run smoothly.  We have specialised programs for common pregnancy and postnatal complications if and when you need them. Even if you need them at 18 months postpartum! It's never too late to create the strong body you deserve.

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Kimmy is passionate about supporting women to exercise safely during their pregnancy and birth. She is a former professional athlete, PT, qualified yoga teacher and Mum to three gorgeous girls.



Lyz's mission is to share her knowledge and expertise, so that you never have to say "I wish I had known". She is one of Australia's leading women's health physios with a Masters in Women's Health and Continence and a proud Mum of two.

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